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It’s time for an update… Back in February, after the nitrogen cycle completed I stopped by the LFS and picked up some Margharita snails, Astrea Snails, Hermit crabs, and a Fire Shrimp. They’ve been hanging out in the tank for that past few weeks and doing well. Purple coralline algea is growing on the rocks as well as some of the snail shells.

During the last week or so of February while I was in Maui, the Fire Shrimp molted once, and he did it again the week I got home. So he must be growing pretty fast.

Today while we were out running errands we stopped by the fish store again.. I brought home a cleaner shrimp, Indigo Dotty, and a rock with a variety of coral polyps. Everything is in the tank and they all seem happy. I’ll get some updated pictures soon. It’s nice to have some more color and life in the tank again.

Leather Tree Coral

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