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  • I’m “The Captain” Now

    Of course Devon is the Admiral.. but that’s not the point of today’s update.   In my mailbox this weekend 

  • Less Boat Progress, More Home Progress…

    The last month has been a bit slow on the boat projects…   Early April, I removed all of the canvas 

  • Where there are leaps forward, there are inevitably steps backward..

    Mobert is at the boat yard currently for a few last-minute major projects and in the course of that work 

  • Scaling The Mast Without Support Staff

    Today I tested my new ATN Mastclimber for the first time, successfully completing the first of two planned trips up Mobert’s 

  • Chasing Down Propane Leaks

    Early this month I hired a surveyor to survey Mobert and perform a rig inspection in order to prepare for 

  • Alaska Itinerary Coming Into Focus

    The first major cruising itinerary we will be embarking on is our trip into SE Alaska via the Inside Passage. 

  • Less than 100 days!

    Well, I’ve finished up the classes I wanted to take, both the two-day Northern Lights Diesel Engine and Generator maintenance 

  • Loss, Change, and Happenstance

    The older you get, the more you realise how happenstance… has helped to determine your path through life  —Rowan Atkinson 

  • Four Months…

    In Four Months I’ll be 40 years old In Four Months we will be unemployed In Four Months we will 

  • The Kids Get New Digs (on the Boat)

    When we bought Mobert in 2014, we didn’t really know how to set up the living conditions on board for 

  • Our YouTube Channel is online!

    We now have a working YouTube Channel and we have a new video there.  Follow the link over to YouTube 

  • Does Our Boat Need a “Free” Energy Source?

    The Inevitable Questions Aside from “Are you going to carry a gun, you know because of the pirates?”, and “Are 

  • Barkley Sound Trip Wrap up…

    We’re home of course, and the boat came home separately.  On the morning of our last day in Barkley Sound, 

  • Making Sure You See What Your Radar Sees…

    Mobert is now just about 10 years old and as such the Raymarine electronics that she came with are of the 

  • Barkley Sound Day 16 – Clueless in Ucluelet (You-Cloo-Let)

    Note about the last post: Since we had workable Internet I looked up the sea creature we saw last night 

  • Barkley Sound Day 15 – “I didn’t sink!”

    Wow, today was busy and long… Even though we never left the boat. Morgan had seemed to be getting to 

  • Barkley Sound Day 14 – Sea Lion WOW at Wouwer Island

    Another late morning with cereal and oatmeal, except for Devon who got up pretty early and washed some of the 

  • Last Night in Effingham Bay

    I thought this picture showed our anchorage pretty well… —- This e-mail was delivered via satellite phone using GMN’s XGate 

  • Barkley Sound Day 13 – Oh the calamity!

    Well today was crazy… We had some scary times, and some stressful times, and some good times. Girls got up 

  • Barkley Sound Day 12 – Gunkholing and Hiking at Lucky Falls

    Only one small photo again today due to updating via satellite… Today we got up to a quick cereal and 

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