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  • Jeanneau Owners Rendezvous! Finally!

    We woke refreshed from sleep, pulled up anchor, and made our way out of Roche Harbor and through the San 

  • Seattle to Anacortes, almost…

    We left Port Ludlow early in the morning, forecast winds were 35kt in the strait, but only 1-2ft waves, and 

  • Bainbridge and Blake Island Fun

    On Monday as we left Poulsbo, we made a short little hop to the west side of Bainbridge Island and 

  • Poulsbo Kidboat Raftup Managerie

    Friday began our Poulsbo Kidboat Raftup extravaganza and the kids and adults had a great time.   That night we rafted 

  • Last Minute Errands in the “other” Seattle…

    Wednesday morning, we woke early, managed some coffee, and decided it was time to get out of dodge, or “This 

  • Wrapping up our Tour of Seattle and tying a bow on it…

    On Monday, we spent the day hanging about on the boat.  I finally serviced the forward manual head, replacing the 

  • Captain Morgan’s Log

    This is what happened on, 6-1-17: made at 11:50 am This morning we went to a French place for breakfast 

  • Touring our home city…

    Since Wednesday we’ve been tied up at Bell Harbor Marina in downtown Seattle.  We’ve seen three different cruise ships so 

  • Liveaboards, we are…

    Morgan beat me to my first post since we moved aboard.  Let’s see, how did we get here from home…. 

  • Captain Morgan’s Log – Seattle!!

    Today, we went on the Seattle fariswheel. Also, we finally got to SEATTLE! For dinner, we had Mac’ n cheese 

  • All That Stands In Our Way Now Is A Bolt

    Edited (5/27/17 @ 11:45am PT) to reflect that Jim Rard did pull the needed parts from his personal sailboat, rending 

  • I’m “The Captain” Now

    Of course Devon is the Admiral.. but that’s not the point of today’s update.   In my mailbox this weekend 

  • Less Boat Progress, More Home Progress…

    The last month has been a bit slow on the boat projects…   Early April, I removed all of the canvas 

  • Where there are leaps forward, there are inevitably steps backward..

    Mobert is at the boat yard currently for a few last-minute major projects and in the course of that work 

  • Scaling The Mast Without Support Staff

    Today I tested my new ATN Mastclimber for the first time, successfully completing the first of two planned trips up Mobert’s 

  • Chasing Down Propane Leaks

    Early this month I hired a surveyor to survey Mobert and perform a rig inspection in order to prepare for 

  • Alaska Itinerary Coming Into Focus

    The first major cruising itinerary we will be embarking on is our trip into SE Alaska via the Inside Passage. 

  • Less than 100 days!

    Well, I’ve finished up the classes I wanted to take, both the two-day Northern Lights Diesel Engine and Generator maintenance 

  • Loss, Change, and Happenstance

    The older you get, the more you realise how happenstance… has helped to determine your path through life  —Rowan Atkinson 

  • Four Months…

    In Four Months I’ll be 40 years old In Four Months we will be unemployed In Four Months we will 

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