About Me

This website is the main portal to all of my content. Here you will find links to my other web sites and sites of affiliated companies and friends, my resume, information about my hobbies, and some how-to’s. The site is slowly evolving as I have time to add content.

About Me

I live in the Seattle Area. I am an 20 year Information Technology veteran. I spend most of my time between work, boat related projects, and family time. My free time is usually spent hanging out with family or friends in the form of watching movies, boating, etc.

I am currently in the process of planning a long term cruise aboard our 45ft sailboat. Information and updates on this project can be followed at AndersonsAbroad.


I am a Pre-Sales Systems Engineer for Dell EMC, the Enterprise division of Dell Technologies, focusing on enterprise storage, cloud solutions, software defined datacenters, infrastructure automation, and management software solutions for large enterprise customers.

I was also the founder and President of a non-profit children’s charity called Charity Through Youthful Living. The charity was based in Washington state and our primary goal was to organize fundraising events to generate revenue and then donate in the form of cash or charitable programs. Operating from 2004 to 2014, we’ve ceased charity operations due to the lack of time to give it the proper focus.

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