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October 9, 2016 | by Rich | 8 comments

Cal Yachts (aka Jensen Marine) was a manufacturer of performance oriented fiberglass sailboats from the 1960s to the 1980s. The Costa Mesa, California, headquartered company was founded in 1957, among the earliest of all-fiberglass, mass-production sailboat builders. Although the brand has been out of production for three decades, the existing fleet is still substantially active in racing and cruising.

Information for Cal owners and Enthusiastscal 20, cal 24, cal 25, cal 27, cal 28, cal 29, cal 9.2, cal 30, cal 31, cal 33, cal 34, cal 35, cal 36, cal 39, cal 40, cal 43, cal 44, cal 46

I’m collecting as much information about Bill Lapworth’s Cal sailboats as I can find and posting it here.  So if you have something, please email it to me.. If you need something I have here, go ahead and download it.

Cal Boats General Documents


Wanna Get Work Done on Your Cal?  Check out these recommendations sent to me by Faith who had a lot of work done on the Cal 34 s/v Sea Jewel.


External Cal or Lapworth related Websites


Cal Model-Specific Information (Owners Manuals, Line Drawings, and more)

Cal 20       Cal 24       Cal 25      Cal 27     Cal 28      Cal 29

Cal 9.2      Cal 30       Cal 31      Cal 33     Cal 34      Cal 35

Cal 36       Cal 39       Cal 40      Cal 43     Cal 44      Cal 46


8 comments on “Cal Sailboats

  1. Hi, I’m not exactly sure how to email you directly so am leaving a message here. It was suggested by someone from the Sailboat Owners CAL forum site that I get in touch with you to share some resources I discovered during the course of rebuilding my 1975 Westerbeke 4-91 and Paragon transmission. I am located in Bellingham WA and my CAL 2 34 is at Squalicum harbor.

    • Ask your question at the Cal Boats page on facebook.

    • Hi Faith, wanted to let you know that I finally had time to add your content. I wasn’t really sure the best way to do it so I added a Vendor Testimonials page of sorts with your notes. I hope others find this useful.

  2. Hi Will, thanks for your reply. I don’t do facebook so I don’t really have that option :). What I did do was email Richard directly so he could post the resources I have to offer on his site. I’m not sure if he has seen fit to include them as I haven’t checked that site for a couple of weeks. In any case they’re out there in the ethernet should someone want to take advantage of them 🙂 Again, thanks for your interest and happy sailing!

    • I did get your docs, unfortunately I haven’t found time to figure out how best to put them online. I’ll do that soon. Thanks!!

  3. Excellent information on transmission adjustment, Does any one know the part number for the binnacle transmission cable, mine is very stiff,.

  4. Thanks for the downloads , I found this and it really helped me adjust my paragon 500 v drive
    Sorry this took so long! The Walter V Drive has a part # of RV-10S
    with a 2-1 reduction
    Paragon SAO V Transmission adjustments
    To adjust the forward clutches, remove the 4 bolts that hold the top
    cover down and take off the cover. (Try to save the gasket, but new ones
    are cheap) As you look down into the guts, there is a fore and aft
    shaft that goes through the clutch pack that has a castle nut on the
    end( about 1-1 1/2 “). With the transmission in neutral, turn that
    shaft with a screwdriver until you find a locking bolt. Back off the
    bolt until you can turn the castle nut. _Careful, a small adjustment
    goes a real long way and there is no frame of reference as to how far
    you have turned it._ In your case, I would try turning it only 2
    notches. In other words, from the locking bolt turn the nut
    clockwise(facing aft) 2 indentations in the nut (for the locking bolt),
    and lock it down again. Try it out. If you have gone too far, the prop
    shaft will slowly turn over in neutral, meaning that the clutches are
    not fully released. Back up one notch on the nut a try again. (Though
    neutral is kind of a moving target on this transmission) If you still
    have slippage, you have not gone far enough, try turning the nut one
    more notch.

    Adjustment of the reversing clutch or band
    With the top cover off, as you face aft, on the back left side of the
    gearbox, there is a largish nut with a spring clip around it.
    Turning that nut clockwise will tighten the band. Again, small
    adjustments! One or two flats on the nut make a significant change.
    This will move the reversing movement closer to the neutral spot on the
    shifter, in other words you will not have to push so far down on the
    shifter to fully engage reverse

    The overheating and slippage should go away. Let me know if you need

    Ralph Landfall 38 White Bird Rochester NY

  5. This is fabulous information, clearly disseminated and I am so grateful to have it step by step with what to look for after making the adjustments. Thank you so much!! The only guy I know who works on these things is in SC, (please see the vendor list I gave Richard which he has posted on this site). His name is Chris and he is amazing but he’s also on the other side of the country from where I am. He knows his stuff and can fix pretty much anything having to do with the Paragon and if he doesn’t have the part he’ll find someone who does.

    It’s just great to have a step by step guide on this piece that makes sense and shows me what to look for when doing the work.

    Thank you,
    Cal 2 34 S/V Sea Jewel
    Bellingham, WA

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