Slow Progress But Progress All The Same!

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Mike in the ICU on Wednesday

Mike in the ICU on Wednesday

On Thursday, Mike was still in and out of sleep most of the day.  In the afternoon he started to stay awake longer and asked for a danish, coffee, and a newspaper.  His older son, Itaru, got to go visit him Thursday as well which was good.  Ita (8 years old) had been worried and wondered why he couldn’t visit his dad.

Mom and Tim went over to UW again about 4pm Thursday and at about 6pm he was moved out of ICU into a regular room.  He was awake much more Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and is able to converse now.

At about 1pm today, Mike was released from the hospital and is now home.  He’s on a lot of pain killers at this time but he’s doing pretty good.

As for diagnosis/prognosis, we won’t know anything about the type of tumor until next week when the pathology reports come in.  We’ll meet with his doctors for those results and much will be revealed then.

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