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ICU Monitor

ICU Monitor

I arrived at UW about 8am today to see how things are going.  Tim and Yoko got here about 7am.  Mike was a little restless but overall fairly calm.  Blood pressure and heart rate are pretty good.  The nurse here this morning said that they tried to get an MRI last night but it took 4 people holding him down and they still couldn’t get it.  So they postponed for now.  They gave him some morphine today to help.

He’s pretty much sleeping but every once in a while adjusts his position.  His feet and hands were strapped down but after letting one hand free he seems a bit happier.  At one point he moved and said “ouch” in Japanese.  He’s opened his eyes a few times when he moves around.

One of the Neuro docs popped in about 30 minutes ago and asked Mike a bunch of questions which he surprisingly answered.  He knows he’s at the Hospital, knows it’s UW, even knows that it is Wednesday, and where he lives.  For the most part he just wants to keep sleeping though.  And he’s got some pain but it’s not clear where.

Every hour or so his blood pressure goes up, then down.  It sounds like they want to get him some water and/or food but want him to wake up first.  They also want to get him into the MRI again when they can.

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