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  • Coin Operated Spending Unleashed

    Back on December 20th, 2013, I came across an ad in Facebook (yes I do click some of them) selling the concept of carrying a single payment card for every purpose... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • One Month With a Solar Home – 1.82MEGAWatt(hours)!

    Well, it’s been just over a month since the solar system came online.. In the 33 days that the solar system has been online, we’ve generated a total of 1817kWh... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • StorageSavvy is going green! I see the light!

    Through a series of discussions with a friend who was evaluating solar for his home, doing some calculations, and discussing with the local contractor, I bit the bullet last month... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • What your Nest could have told you but didn’t

    So you picked up a Nest at the store, or online, because you realized (or thought maybe) that you could save some money on your heating or cooling bills, and/or... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Time flies when you’re having fun!

    I can’t believe it’s already been a year and a half since my last post…  I’m sorry for the lack of content here.  Things have been so busy at EMC... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • The Flashing Clock Conspiracy

    As I was driving to the office the other day I glanced at my iPhone and then back up to the dash, noticing that the clock in my car was... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Building Blocks – Part VI: But my #PrivateCloud is too small (or too big) for building blocks!

    Does your Building Block need a Fabric? <- Part 6 Okay, so this is all well and good, but you have been reading these posts and thinking that your environment... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Building Blocks – Part V: Does your #PrivateCloud building block need a fabric?

    Sizing your Building Block <- Part 5 -> I’m too small for Building Blocks You may have noticed in the last installment that I did not include any FibreChannel switches... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Building Blocks – Part IV: Sizing Your #PrivateCloud Building Blocks

    How many Building Blocks? <- Part 4 -> Does your Building Block need a Fabric? Now that we know we’ll be deploying about 562 VM’s per Building Block we can... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Building Blocks – Part III: How Many Building Blocks does your #PrivateCloud need?

    The Building Block Approach <- Part 3 -> Sizing your Building Block The key to sizing Building Blocks is to calculate the ratio between the compute and storage metrics. First... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Building Blocks – Part II: The Building Block Approach to the #PrivateCloud

    Build your own Private Cloud <- Part 2 -> How many Building Blocks Since server virtualization abstracts the physical hardware from the operating systems and applications, essential for Cloud Infrastructures... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Building Blocks – Part I: Build your own #PrivateCloud

    Part 1 -> The Building Block Approach As 2011 wraps up and I have a little time at home over the holidays, I’ve been reflecting on some of the customer projects I’ve... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • A little something to honor the 10th anniversary of 9/11…

    I remember… I remember the day when the news broke, and I stayed awake watching the television for days. I remember the day when airplanes filled with innocent people hit... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Defining RTO and RPO for your data…

    Do you have a clearly defined Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for your data?  What about a clearly defined Recovery Time Objective (RTO)? One challenge I run in to quite often... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Does EMC FASTCache work with Exchange?

    Short Answer: Yes! In my dealings with customers I’ve been requesting performance data from their storage systems whenever I can to see how different applications and environments react to new... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Find your busiest LUNs Fast with Unisphere Analyzer Search

    One of the features that has been added to Analyzer (Navisphere and Unisphere) in recent versions is the ability to search for specific LUNs based on criteria.  This feature is... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Performance Analysis for Clariion and VNX – Part 5 (FASTCache)

    << Back to Part 4 — Part 5 — Go to Part 6 >> Sorry for the delay on this next post..  Between EMC World and my 9 month old, it’s been a battle for... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • EMCWorld 2011 Announcements

    After flying into Las Vegas this morning, checking in to the Cosmopolitan Hotel with 2000+ other EMCer’s, and taking the bus to the Venetian, I’m finally settling in a bit. ... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Performance Analysis for Clariion and VNX – Part 4

    << Back to Part 3 — Part 4 — Go to Part 5 >> Making Lemonade from Lemons. In the last post, we looked at the storage processor statistics to check for cache health, excessive queuing,... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Performance Analysis for Clariion and VNX – Part 3

    << Back to Part 2 — Part 3 — Go to Part 4 >> Disclaimer: Performance Analysis is an art, not a science.  Every array is different, every application is different, and... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Performance Analysis for Clariion and VNX – Part 2

    << Back to Part 1 — Part 2 — Go to Part 3 >> Okay, so you’ve got the Analyzer enabler on your array and enabled logging, and you’ve installed Unisphere Server,... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Performance Analysis for Clariion and VNX – Part 1

    Part 1 — Go to Part 2 >> Do you have an application owner complaining about performance? Do you want to get a general idea of how your array is performing?... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • If You Are Using SSDs, You Should Be Encrypting

    I saw the following article come across Twitter today. In it, Robin Harris describes the issues around data recovery and secure erasure specific to SSD disks.  In layman’s terms, since SSDs... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Real World EMC FASTVP and FASTCache results!

    I have a customer who just recently upgraded their EMC Celerra NS480 Unified Storage Array (based on Clariion CX4-480) to FLARE30 and enabled FASTCache across the array, as well as... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Say Hello to EMC VNX7500

    I got these pictures from one of my customers who completed install of two new EMC VNX7500 arrays.  It may be hard to tell but each of these systems host... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Auto-Tiering, Cloud Storage, and Risk-Free Thin Pools

    Some customers are afraid of thin provisioning… Practically every week I have discussions with customers about leveraging thin provisioning to reduce their storage costs and just as often the customer... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Test Environments for Parents?

    So I’ve been a father for about 6 months now and over that time I’ve found that the life of a parent is essentially a series of experiments with real... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Saving $90,000 per minute with VMAX Federated Live Migration

    One of the customers I work with regularly has a set of key MS SQL databases totaling over 100TB in size which process transactions for their customer facing systems. If... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • EMC’s New VNX Unified Storage Systems

    Today, EMC announced the new VNX and VNXe Unified Storage platforms that merge the functionality of, and replaces, EMC’s popular Clariion and Celerra products.   VNX is faster, more scalable, more... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • StorageSavvy Blog 2010 in review

    WordPress sent me an email with overall stats for 2010 and I thought I’d share a few things I noticed. First, thank you to all of my readers as well... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Journey from Customer to Vendor: My EMC Experience…

    A Year Ago Today: 2010 has been a year of significant change for me.  This time last year I was on my cell phone in the basement troubleshooting Exchange cluster... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Using Cloud as a SAN Tier?

    I came across this press release today from a company that I wasn’t familiar with and immediately wanted more information.  Cirtas Systems has announced support for Atmos-based clouds, including AT&T Synaptic Storage. ... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • EMC, Isilon, and CSX possibilities..

    As you’ve no doubt heard, EMC has completed the tender offer to acquire Isilon (  for a Cajillion dollars (actually ~$2 Billion) and some people are asking why.  From where... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Can you Compress AND Dedupe? It Depends

    My recent post about Compression vs Dedupe, which was sparked by Vaughn’s blog post about NetApp’s new compression feature, got me thinking more about the use of de-duplication and compression... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Small Innovations Can Make a Big Difference

    On Friday, my local gas/electric utility decided it was time to replace the gas meter and 40-year old steel gas pipe between the street and my house.  I had a... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Compression better than Dedup? NetApp Confirms!

    The more I talk with customers, the more I find that the technical details of how something works is much less important than the business outcome it achieves.  When it... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Unified of the Beholder???

    Apart from “The Cloud”, “Unified Storage” is the other big buzzword in the storage industry of late.  But what exactly is Unified Storage? Mirriam-Webster defines unify as “to make into a unit... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • EMC Unified: Guaranteed Efficiency with Better Application Availability

    (Warning: This is a long post…) You have a critical application that you can’t afford to lose: So you want to replicate your critical applications because they are, well, critical.... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Why pNFS can be a big deal even if NFS4.1 isn’t…

    It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, mostly due to my life being turned on it’s rear after our first child was born 8 weeks ago.  As things start... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Simplify Storage Management Today, Risk Free, and Free of Charge

    While my peers have been blogging about the new CLARiiON and Celerra releases, both of which provide significant enhancements to the EMC CX4-based Unified platforms you already own, I thought... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Just because it’s production, doesn’t mean it’s not a test

    Back in July I wrote about the week long sailing trip that ended after 1 day with engine failure and dramatic action.  Since then our old sailboat has been stuck... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Lies, Damn Lies, and Marketing…

    Yesterday, In his blog posted entitled “Myth Busting: Storage Guarantees“, Vaughn Stewart from NetApp blogged about the EMC 20% Guarantee and posted a chart of storage efficiency features from EMC... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Comcast — Professional FUD Slinging…

    When trying to sell something, one of the hard things that I’ve noticed sales people dealing with is the fine line between comparing your own product to your competitors, and... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Every Cruise is a Shakedown Cruise (in IT terms, every Production environment is also a QA environment)

    It’s the morning of day 2 on a 7 day sailing trip in the San Juan Islands of Puget Sound.  We are 43 nautical miles from our homeport, and I’m... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Resiliency vs Redundancy: Using VPLEX for SQL HA

    A little history on my philosophy around high-availability Around the year 2000, when I was working in network operations for a large wireless telco, a very senior network architect explained... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • While EMC users benefit from Replication Manager, NetApp users NEED SnapManager

    This is a follow up to my recent post NetApp and EMC: Replication Management Tools Comparison, in which I discussed the differences between EMC Replication Manager and NetApp SnapManager. ————... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • NetApp and EMC: Replication Management Tools Comparison

    I started this post before I started working for EMC and got sidetracked with other topics.  Recent discussions I’ve had with people have got me thinking more about orchestration of... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • You don’t need a Backup solution!

    Well, not exactly.  What you really need is a restore solution! I was discussing this with a colleague recently as we compared difficulties multiple customers are having with backups in... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • EMC Unified: The benefit of having options

    I’ve been having some fun discussions with one of my customers recently about how to tackle various application problems within the storage environment and it got me thinking about the... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • EMC CLARiiON and Celerra Updates – Defining Unified Storage

    This past week, during EMC World 2010 in Boston, EMC made several announcements of updates to the Celerra and CLARiiON midrange platforms.  Some of the most impressive were new capabilities... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • EMC VPLEX enables the private cloud.. But what is a “private cloud”?

    Buzzword Much? If you have seen any of EMC’s marketing for EMC World, or you are attending EMC World in Boston this week, you no doubt noticed a ton of... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Much ado about the future.. (of IT)

    The 8:50am Alaska Air flight from Seattle to Boston today may as well have been an EMC chartered flight. Full of my current EMC peers, previous coworkers from my past... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Do you have a recovery plan? You should!

    In my new role at EMC, I am one of the first people to learn of major problems that my customers experience.  In general, customers seem to call their sales... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Changes…

    I’ve been absent from posting lately because there have been a lot of changes in my life.  Most notably I made a change in my career and have joined EMC... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • NetApp and EMC: Exchange 2007 Replication

    Exchange Replication Building on the redundant storage project, we also wanted to replicate Exchange to a remote datacenter for disaster recovery purposes.  We’ve been using EMC CLARiiON MirrorView/A and Replication... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • NetApp and EMC: ESX and Exchange 2007 CCR

    The first application we tackled after deploying the NetApp system was Exchange 2007.  We had deployed Exchange 2007 recently, running in CCR clusters on VMWare ESX.  Since each node of... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Capacity vs Performance: Thin Provisioning-Reclaiming Free Space

    A comment about HDS’s Zero Page Reclaim on one of my previous posts got me thinking about the effectiveness of thin provisioning in general.  In that previous post, I talked... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • NetApp and EMC: Startup and First Impressions

    In the last post, I talked about a project I am involved in right now to deploy NetApp storage alongside EMC for SAN and NAS.  Today, I’m going to talk... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • NetApp and EMC: Real world comparisons

    I’ve been tasked recently on a project to increase availability of applications through the use of multiple/disparate storage systems.  This environment has heavily invested in EMC Clariion and Celerra storage... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Expanding a Thin LUN on Clariion CX4

    Do you have an EMC Clariion CX4 with Virtual Provisioning (thin provisioning)?  Have you tried to expand the host visible (ie: maximum) size of a thin-LUN and can’t figure out... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Similarities between Crabbing and IT…

    I attended an event tonight put on by Optistor Technologies, a local vendor, which was centered on data de-duplication.  Reps from EMC, DataDomain, and SilverPeak were there, chatting with customers... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Clariion CX4 – New Features in Flare 29

    EMC released FLARE 29 ( for Clariion CX4 systems a few days ago.  The release of the CX4 hardware platform was a very significant upgrade for the Clariion series –... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Backup Everything – DR and Offsite copies

    Okay, now that I’ve talked about backing up the datacenter with NetBackup and DataDomain, and backing up remote sites with NetBackup and PureDisk, it’s time to discuss how to get... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Backup Everything – Netbackup does WAN

    In a previous post I discussed the new backup environment I’ve been deploying, what solutions we picked, and how they apply to the datacenter.  But I also mentioned that we had... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Backup Everything – The datacenter done fast!

    I support a very diverse environment with a mix of Windows, Netware, Linux, Solaris, and Mac clients running on standard servers as well as VMWare ESX, plus two different brands... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Capacity vs. Performance: De-duplication

    This is the 3rd part of a multi-part discussion on capacity vs performance in SAN environments.  My previous post discussed the use of thin provisioning to increase storage utilization.  Today... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Capacity vs. Performance : Thin Provisioning

    In my previous post, where I discussed the problem of unusable (or slack) disk space on a SAN, I promised a follow-up with techniques on how to increase storage utilization. ... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

  • Capacity vs. Performance : Why do I have so much free space on my SAN and why can’t I use it?

    In the past–in the days of 2GB,4GB,9GB,18GB and even 36GB drives–when you were tasked with purchasing and configuring hard drives for an application, you were given the amount of storage... <a href="">Read more »</a> 

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